We were ready to purchase a new sofa since the one we have was not very comfortable when my husband suggested we modify our current one instead.  We took a look at why we found it uncomfortable and realize it was the back cushions (they were too low and wide) and decided to create two new ones that were higher and firmer.  We did just that and now have a “new” sofa that is much more comfortable and for a fraction of the cost ($30 for fabric)!

I tell this story because it reminds me of many areas of our lives.  Say you are unhappy in your career.  What if you were to examine what you don’t like about it and change what you could?  You may still want to make a bigger change to a new career entirely, yet changing some aspect of what you have now can give you some breathing room while you prepare for your larger transition.  

I am an advocate of having the best experiences we can right now, not just waiting until we have achieved what we truly want.  When we make small modifications with what we have it allows us to do that and it gives us more choice and influence over our life.

What modifications will you make?

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