This months article focuses on learning what works for you, then using it to have a life that is more effortless.

I thought I would give you some examples by sharing what works for me.

What works for me in my business is structure.  For me that means scheduling everything, planning, getting ahead in writing, having a sounding board when I am working on a new idea and writing slowly in chunks.

One ingredient in my success formula is challenge.  When a trusted friend or collegue challenges me to do something that I don’t (at first) think I can do or am a little fearful of doing, it infuses me with just the right energy and courage to try it.

Two examples of this:  A good friend and mastermind partner Meri Rafetto of Real Living Nutrition and 3Tomatoes asking me to write my first article about 5 years ago.  My first thought was “I don’t like to write and I struggle with it”.  She believed I could do it and gave me a deadline for a publication she was seeking it for.  Well,  I took her up on the challenge and wrote something.  Much to my surprise it was easier than I thought!  That started me writing an article a month, and then blogging.

Another personal example is my personal trainer at the gym challenging me to run.  My first response “I can’t run”  She gave me one of her looks that said volumes so I said, “OK, I’ll try”.  Much to my delight, not only could I run (well, jog) but I liked it!  Now I include jogging into my weekly workout schedule.

Challenge (from those that have my best interests at heart and believe in me) clearly works for me!  When I focus on what works for me, I accomplish more, build confidence and achieve greater success.

What works for you?

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