This is one of the questions in my Journal of Possibilities and a very important one.  Aliveness is what you bring to any experience you have.

I thought I would take a moment to share some examples from my own life of what makes me feel most alive.

I feel most alive when my senses are heightened

This can include tasting and savoring every morsel of a delicious meal, taking in with my eyes a gorgeous garden or other natural scenic vista, enjoying the scent of fresh flowers, enjoying the feel of soft fabric on my skin, listening to the sounds of crickets and birds in my backyard and watching wildlife go about their daily routine.

I feel alive in my work when I am engaged with others.  When I am working with my clients one on one, delivering a seminar to a group of people eager to learn and having a deep conversation with likeminded colleagues.

I also feel most alive when I am playing.  Whether it’s laughing with my husband and friends, creating a painting or new space in my home, or traveling to a new place.

When do you feel most alive?

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