A few months ago I had a whim to start crocheting again.  I had learned how to crochet maybe 15 years ago but did not love it at the time so I let it go.   Of course I had forgotten how to do it so I watched a video on YouTube and re-learned in a matter of minutes.  A few days later my first crochet creation was complete and I was very proud!

My First Crochet Scarf

Fast forward to today and I have completed many projects, some I have given as gifts, some I am enjoying wearing, especially my slippers…

Crochet Slippers

For me, taking up a new hobby makes me think, gives me something creative to focus on, gives me a goal to work toward.  All of that combined infuses new energy into my life.

What about you?

What new hobbies have you started lately?

Which are you interested in trying out?

What are you waiting for?

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