So…many of you who know me, either personally or from these posts, know that dessert (or sweets) is something I place high on my list of things I love and thought I could not do without.

Nomatter what diet or eating plan I have participated in over the years, I always included sugar as something I was “never” going to give up!

Well…never say never.  Several weeks ago I decided to start a new eating plan, one that I hope I will stick with the rest of my life.  It is plant based and does not include sugar.   This is the first time in my life that I have not had sugar every day.  The most interesting part?  I am OK without it!  This is huge for me as I never thought that was possible.  Will I ever have it again?  Maybe now and then, but I now don’t feel I need it to the extent that I did before.

What in your life do you feel that strongly about?  The thing you say you will “never” give up or “never” do?

What would be the benefit to you if you did let it go or try it?

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