In a recent phone conversation with a family member, I was being baraged by questions about a joint issue we were discussing.   A string of What, How, When and Where questions that came one after the other.

My responses?  Most of them were “I don’t know” and I found myself getting uncomfortable – it felt like an interrigation.   Then suddenly I had one of those ahha moments of clarity.  It was as if I was looking in a mirror hearing/seeing myself do the very same thing to my husband!

Wow! I had a new understanding of what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a string of questions that can’t be answered in the moment, questions that require more investigation or preplanning.

The best part?  My husband was in the room while I was on the phone so he heard my end of the conversation.  When I got off the phone I immediately shared my revelation and he said “Yes!  I was thinking that the whole time you were on the phone!”

What behaviors of yours do you notice mirrored back to you?

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