Are you desparately seeking something different yet not sure what you are looking for?

Do you know “it” is not this, but not sure what “it” is?

You know that feeling. You are yearning for something different but not sure what you are really looking for. It makes you feel pretty stuck doesn’t it? When you have no direction, there is no where to move, nothing on your plan, expept perhaps “Find IT”.

How often have you forced yourself to find “it”?  Does that work?  Not really.  Why not?  The force is usually coming from your current mindset, your current knowledge base, which cannot come up with new ideas when forced to.

Discovering a new direction for your career or your life takes creativity, being open to new experiences and trusting that you will know “it” when it is right in front of you.

How do you find “it”?  By not trying so hard.  Here are three steps you can take…

  • Pay attention to what you do like/love about your life and work already – what might that expand into?
  • Be curious about what others are doing in your network and in their network.  Does anything sound intriguing?
  • Be open to interesting opportunities that you come across either by accident, on purpose or at the request of another.
If you would like help finding your “it”, contact me for a free 30-min consultation to learn how I can help.


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