Happy New Year!

Were you expecting a “create your goals” post?  I often do share something like that at this time of year, but this time I wanted to keep it simple.

As member of the ICF Raleigh Coaching chapter, we have monthly Cutting Edge Conversations where we all share ideas and resources that help us as coaches, and our clients, continue to be our best selves.   During one of those meetings last year, the idea of having “one word” to focus on for the year was discussed.  We went around the room and shared what word we had (or would) choose for ourselves.  It was interesting to hear how each person was or would be living their life around that word.

Your “one word” becomes your intention for the year.  It gives you a lens to look at life through and make choices around.  Having “one word” to remember keeps it simple and easy.  You can then create your new year’s goals around your word.

My “one word” for 2015?  JOY!  Truth be told, Joy has been my focus for the last couple of months and I could think of no better word to take into the New Year with me.  Why “Joy”?  Joy evokes a feeling of giddiness in me that lifts my spirits just by the mere mention of the word.  When I make choices, see my days, my experiences and my life through the “lens of joy” it shifts my whole mood and way of being.

Choose a word that evokes something positive in you, a feeling you are craving.  Your word will feel good (no “shoulds” please) and be one that is a good fit for where you are in your life right now and where you would like to be.

Need some examples? Here are some words to inspire you to think of  your word for the year:










I would love for you to share your “one word” with me!

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