When you are okay where you are AND you want something more/better/different to increase your fulfillment, excitement, adventure, etc.


When you feel good about what is going on now, you are often more hopeful about the future, more likely to take action toward it and that action is often more purposeful.  You are excitedly walkingtoward something instead of hurriedly running away.

What do you do if you are less than okay where you are right now? 

Here are some strategies to change your perception or your experience of your current role or environment.

  • Your Recent Past – Choose 3 peak moments or experiences in your current job where you excelled, used your strengths or thrived.  Write about them, including what you did in that moment or experience that made them stand out for you.
  • Your Present – Notice where your current focus is.  Is it on the problems, frustrations or things you don’t want/like?  If so, put it on what is working well.  Not sure what is working well?  Start to look for evidence of it every day.
  • Your Future – Create a vision for what you do want more of in your career.  Then pull from your recent past and present to see where you already have some of it or can begin making strides toward it, right where you are.

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