How often do you do the same thing the same way every day without even noticing what is around you?

Yes, in last months article I talked about the value of systemitizing some things, however there are some things that we may want to be/feel fresh and new.

For me, that is the beauty of my surroundings.  When I see the same things every day, they begin to blur and fall into the background, outside of my regular awareness.  So, you will often find me changing the scenery – whether it be moving some furniture around in my house, to changing the arrangment of my files/office space to taking a different route/different direction with my morning run.

When you change it up, you activiate a different part of your brain.  It often ignites something in you, making your more present, often more alive. That may be the illure of travel for many people – seeing new surroundings, experiencing new cultures and foods.

This idea of “taking the scenic route”  can also be used when focusing on your bigger career and life direction.  You can have your goal/vision, yet how you get there can be as varied and creative as you choose it to be.  What if, instead of needing the see/create the exact path to your next career, you chose the scenic route?

It could look like:

  • Exploring an idea you have by taking just one small step – when you take one step in a new direction, it can open doors to other “scenes” you may not have imagined
  • Researching a career direction you have been considering and letting yourself be distracted by the other things you are learning – click on those others sites, read those interesting articles, research that new idea that you come across
  • Do something out of your comfort zone – that usually means you are tapping into potential you have not yet considered.  When you begin tapping your potential, you are in a new/different “scene” of your life
  • Allow yourself to play!  Career pursuits and discovery of direction often happen by “accident” when we are enjoying ourselves and taking the scenic route in our lives.  From there you often “notice” what you are feeling and creative ideas come to you – without you trying so hard to find them.

What might “taking the scenic route” look like in your career?

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