I’ve talked about joy and happiness, what about gratitude?   Gratitude is a practice that helps you bring greater joy and happiness into your life – even when (and especially when) you are not feeling so happy or joyful.

Gratitude is not pretending that everything is great, it’s not masking the bad with good – it IS finding what is good and great right now – no matter what else is going on.  Event better is when you take it a step further and find the gratitude IN the events/circumstances that are not going well for you right now.

Career Examples

  • Are you not getting any responses to your job search efforts (or marketing efforts if you are a business owner)?  What CAN you be grateful for about/within that situation?
  • Are you feeling uncomfortable/unhappy in your current job/career?  What DO you feel grateful for in your career/job?

Be Specific in Your Gratitude

Instead of saying “I’m grateful to be alive, have some savings, etc”, what if you said something like:

  • “I’m grateful that I am focused and resourceful in my job search”
  • “I’m grateful for all the people that I’ve been talking with who have offered me information and advice
  • “I’m grateful for the opportunities I am applying for as they help me refine my search

Instead of saying “I’m grateful to have a job”, what about something like:

  • “I’m grateful that the work I do with_____brings me great satisfaction because_____”
  • “I’m grateful that my colleague _____ was so helpful with ______ yesterday”
  • “I’m grateful for my contribution to ______ because it allowed me to _________”

Willing to experiment with this for 30 days?

Would love to hear from you as you share what it was like to practice gratitude

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