This time of year the focus is on giving thanks for who you are, who is in your life, what you have, and more.  When we do that it serves a reminder of the good in our life, which usually lifts us up.

So, why only do this once a year?  What if we did this every day?

Here are several ideas to choose from to celebrate your life daily!

Celebrate as if it is your birthday

On my sister in laws birthday this year, I called to sing her happy birthday and she shared that it such a nice feeling having so many friends and family tell her to have a great day.  That got her thinking – what would it be like if we treated every day like our birthday?  When we have one day a year that we celebrate ourselves that is a lot of pressure to have it be “great”!  I’ve experienced that many times as I often am on vacation during my summer birthday.   For the last two years I decided to celebrate/treat the whole week as my birthday.  That made a big difference in how much I enjoyed myself.

Create a gratitude journal

You’ve heard me talk about this before, for writing out what we are grateful for adds something more than just thinking it.  To celebrate daily, write at least 3 things each day (either at the beginning of the day, or at the end of it) that you are grateful for.  See if you can get creative and choose something different each day.  Even better, be specific so you really get into the experience of it.  Notice how it changes your mood and how this practice makes your days even brighter.  When you know you are going to write about what you are grateful for, you begin to look for things to be grateful for.

Find something different to celebrate every day

If you Google “daily celebrations” you will find a list of wacky, obscure and interesting things to celebrate every day of the year.  This month includes sandwich day, book lover’s day, take a hike day and many more.  You can get creative with this by choosing how you will celebrate each “holiday” day and even create your own!  This gives you something fun and joyful to look forward to each day.

Imagine the feeling you would have every morning if you knew you were going to be celebrating something?

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