“Success means different things to different people… and the  road to success is often paved with challenges and tests. It can be a roller-coaster ride filled with highs and lows and fruitful learnings. One thing is clear — all of us who reach for the stars and actively stretch towards our dreams emerge from our efforts transformed.”  This is quoted from an article on Successtory.com

This idea of success being a roller coaster ride is something I usually share with my clients as they begin their process of career (or life) transition.   When you begin entertaining another path for yourself, it can be scary.  You may be unsure of your direction or uncomfortable with some of the unknowns even when you do have an idea of your path.

Just when you begin to gain some clarity, you may feel more confused.  You feel like some momentum is building, only to be discouraged at the next turn.
Some of these highs and lows happen in a moment, an hour, a day or over several days/weeks.  You can see why it is easy to get stuck and wind up staying right where you are!
So, how do you enjoy the ride on your roller coaster?   Feel the fear and the thrill at the same time!  
When you are on a real roller coaster (no matter how tame or death-defying) you have several emotions happening at the same time – some level of terror and some level of exhilaration.  You are sometimes so scared you wish you never got on in the first place – yet you know it will be over shortly so you hold on for dear life!  When you get off, you are a bit wobbly, but often proud of yourself that you did it, even though you were terrified.  For some of you, the exhilaration of being whipped and flipped, makes you want to go on again!   No matter your tolerance for the real thing, your transition roller-coaster is controlled largely by you.
How to stay the course?
When you know that you will expect some highs, and some lows, some clarity followed by confusion, some momentum followed by feeling stuck, you will know you are “doing this right”.  That knowledge can keep you focused and committed to your process and your growth.
Your transition can take you in many different directions, and the turns and flips along the way can take you along interesting new paths that you could not have planned for but are exactly where you need to be .
Learn to enjoy your roller coaster of success!

Read the full article from Successtory.com to see some great quotes of what success means to some history’s greats.

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