Lately I have been observing some interesting things happening with my own life and have heard some inspirational stories from others; all surrounding the act of re-booting Energy.

Re-booting energy could mean

  • Adding more joyful activities
  • Creating more space in your day to breathe
  • Getting more grounded

It is the “more” of something that we lose when we

  • Get too busy with life
  • Focus on too much work, not enough play
  • Go through the motions without coming up for air

Too often, we notice it’s time to re-boot when we start “acting funny”

  • Suddenly more tired than usual
  • Snapping at our loved ones (or ourselves) more often
  • Making more mistakes

When your computer is “acting funny” what do you do most often? Re-boot.

Why re-boot?

  • When you are depleted, it can make every action feel like it takes more effort
  • When overwhelmed, it can make every action feel like it is insurmountable
  • When too tired, every action/thought can feel much heavier

What is your re-boot?

Some examples of how this shows up in my life……

I realize I need to re-boot when…..

I am thinking too hard/too much about “how” to do something that seems big.  I love to “know” stuff and when I don’t know enough, it can make a project seem so daunting, that I get stuck and don’t move forward with it.

My re-boot….Take a larger view. Step away from the project for a little while; talk it through with a trusted friend/colleague to see it from different angles, and most importantly for me, find the One step I can do to start.

When I am attempting to get too much done in too little time.  I am a get-it-done person. While that serves me well on many occasions, I have a tendency to go overboard. When I do, I notice that self care takes a back seat which leads to self-created overwhelm.

My re-boot….Slowing down! I do this through journaling , being around water, listening to peaceful music and meditation – this last one is new for me, something I always wanted to do, and now am doing most days with the use of this new app called Calm.

When my surroundings do not fit the mood I want to be in. I realized my office space was no longer conducive to the energetic and uplifted mood I truly want to have each day of work. It was not bright enough or as functional as I wanted it to be.

My re-boot…Use what I have and build the rest J Painting my office desk white was the best thing I did! It brightened up my whole space in a way I did not imagine. Even on a rainy day like today, the room feels bright and cheerful. Also changed my functional space behind my desk to feel more open and inviting. See pic below

What signs help you see it’s time for a re-boot?

What do you do to re-boot?

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