A few years ago my word for the year was JOY. I thought about what brought me joy each day and chose activities each day (big and small) that brought more joy into my life. Today as I was walking I realized how much that meant to my days and decided to bring it back.

For me, JOY is a different feeling than gratitude (my topic last month). Joy is like a bubbling up of gleeful energy, an effervescent feeling. Like the bubbles in champagne.

This leads me to thinking about the word ENJOY. I hear this word a lot when talking with my clients about what they want in their career. They will say something like “I want a career I can enjoy” or “I want to enjoy my work every day”.

I then ask the question “what do you enjoy”? And I may hear something like “things that make me happy” See where this is going? Words like “enjoy” and “happy” are vague and do not lead you to choices or action.

If you heard yourself in this example, start to notice your JOYful moments. The more you know specifically what brings you joy, you can then incorporate that into your conversations and choices about what you want for your life and work.

Joy can come from smaller moments – for me….playing with my neighbor’s cute kittens she is fostering, laughing at a funny video or accomplishing a home project.

What are the smaller joyful moments in your days?

Joy can come from bigger/deeper moments or experiences – for me…..seeing my nephews grow into amazing young men, my niece graduate from high school and begin to embark on her next journey, witnessing transformation in the clients I serve or stepping in to a commitment I have made to myself.

What are the bigger/deeper joyful experiences in your life?

When you seek/focus on Joy each day, it helps frame your choices, actions and perspective about your days.   And your days are your life.

What if, each day you asked yourself two questions?

What will I choose to do that will bring me joy today?

What activity or experience brought me joy today?

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