In this busy time of year, what if you were to pause for a few moments and rejoice in the good thingsthat you have experienced this year?

  • Stopping to recognize how far you have come is a powerful motivator to keep moving forward
  • Reflecting on what you accomplished, however large or small, gives you a sense of pride and can serve as a confidence boost
  • Reviewing what went well helps you decide what you may want to add more of, or reduce in the new year
  • Your year in review can also help you clarify your 2018 goals and focus, seeing how and where they fit into the bigger picture of, and importance in your life.

How do you conduct your year in review?

To get started, grab a journal, a notebook or your computer

You can look at your life as a whole or conduct a separate review for different areas of your life including Career, relationships, family, recreation, finances, personal development, etc  –asking the same questions of each

Here are some Questions for you to get started:

  1. What did you accomplish, achieve or experience this year?
  2. For each of these, ask the following questions
  • What was most important about each (most meaningful or most valuable)?
  • Why were they most important?
  • What worked really well in each area?
  • Why do you think that was?  (Especially think about what YOU did/brought to the experience that enabled it to work so well)
 What is most important for 2018?
  1. What do you want?  To achieve? To experience? To Do?
  2. What overall feeling/emotions would you like to bring with you into 2018 to help make it an amazing year for you?
  3. Why those feelings/emotions?  What is most important about them?
  4. In a few sentences or paragraphs, write your VISION for the year with that feeling/emotion in mind – imagining what your year could look or be like if you were to carry that feeling with you day to day

Happy Holidays!

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