Journal of Possibility

Quotes, Questions and Art to Keep You Inspired

Journal of PossibilityA journal filled with original art, quotes and questions to keep you inspired and introspective.

  • Capture your dreams, goals, thoughts and gratitude
  • Capture your inspirations and aspirations
  • Capture your memorable moments and vision for your future

Do you like to journal but prefer to be prompted by questions to get your thoughts flowing?

Each page of this journal has a coaching question to help your thoughts flow and keep you focused.

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Do images help you reflect and imagine?

This journal is filled with 52 original pieces of art in (watercolor and pastel) in the form of landscapes, architecture and abstracts.  Here are two samples (they are black and white in the book allowing you to get creative by coloring them in on your own if you like)


“I really like it [Journal of Possibilities].  I’ve made a few entries already.

I’ve had regular journals but yours motivates me more to write in it.

Thank you so much for coming out with this journal”  Betty Guest, NC

Why was this journal created?

Journaling is something many people would like to do, but push it to the back burner expecially if they don’t love to write.  I purposfully left blank space beneath every coaching question to allow each person to choose their own method of self expression including writing, doodling, collage, drawing and more.  There are also no dates in the journal so you can go in order, or choose a page at random every day.

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What was the inspiration for this journal?

This journal is a blend of my coaching and my art.

Questions like those found in this journal are similar to what I have been asking my clients for more than 15 years – as a Career Counselor and Career and Life Coach.  They are also questions I ask myself each year as I evaluate my life and work to plan for what’s to come.

Art has been a passion of mine since childhood and was something I picked up again in earnest a few years ago.  Putting my art out there for the world to see is getting me out of my comfort zone, something I consistently strive to do.

Why purchase this journal?

Journaling is a great tool to increase your awareness, clarify your thoughts, gain self knowledge and develop new insights about yourself and your life.  If you like to be inspired to continue your personal and professional growth, this journal will keep you thinking about your life and how you would like to develop it.

Would you like a peek?

Here is a short excerpt of the journal.

Would you like to begin using this journal?

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