What People Are Saying About Stefanie’s Seminars

“On behalf of State Controller, as well as our management team and staff, I would like to say “thank you” for taking time to speak to our Class of 2014 mentors and mentees [on Taking Ownership of their Careers].  You did an excellent job with your presentation.  I have received several complimentary comments from the attendees.  I especially liked how you tied some of the specifics of our mentoring program into your presentation.”  Ben McLawhorn, NC Office of the State Controller, Raleigh NC

“The [Building Your Confidence] workshop was awesome, as always. You have a very special way of delivering and engaging your audience that always makes me want to come back for more! You are like a great treasure box of clarity that tips over and all these little gemstones start spilling out for the taking...I love it!”  Pam Wickert, Raleigh, NC

“Thank you so much for leading the Motivation workshop today. The feedback has been great – one person commented that at her table a participant said this has been one of the most helpful sessions yet. Another participant said that you allowed them to think in a way that they need to but haven’t. If individuals work towards what they want (their goals/inspiration) they will be in a better position to inspire others to do the same. I appreciate your time and message today and working with me to make this workshop a success”.  Noa Goren, Junior League of Raleigh

“Thank you for delivering an outstanding seminar (Strategies for Getting Noticed, Known and Connected) for the Triangle United Way’s Ready to Work series. At this week’s session, participants were still talking about how great the information was and how they were applying their new learning.  Your talk not only helped break down many internal barriers (awkwardness, etc) but brought to light the importance of exchanging “value” in relationships.”  Gayle Manley, Triangle United Way

“I have had the opportunity to have Stefanie speak to our network several times. She is one of the best speakers I have seen and worked with. She has a unique ability to interact with the crowd, draw people in and leave them feeling inspired with a new sense of direction for their lives. I highly recommend her if you are looking for an energetic and inspiring speaker for your organization.”Meri Raffetto, Real Living Nutrition

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“The Cisco Women’s Resource Group that I work with set up a day-long event “Career Management Day.” This event was open to both men and women at our company and showcased motivational speakers, teams to discuss other opportunities within the company and mock interview sessions. I had the great fortune to escort one of our motivational speakers, Stefanie Zizzo, through our event and got the opportunity to sit in on all three of her sessions “Taking Ownership of Your Career.” I was amazed at how powerful her message is and yet so easy to do if you follow her recommendations. After the first session, I felt empowered to do what I needed to “take ownership.” What was even more amazing to me was how Stefanie delivered the same content to all three sessions, yet each one was uniquely and personally tailored to the session and how the audience responded—it really seemed like three different sets of content. The one resounding message received by myself and the approximately 200 employees Stefanie spoke with that day was keeping positive. Look at what is positive in your life and your job. Use these things to boost your energy and spark your passion. There were several people that day that had “AHA” moments as Stefanie drew them into drilling deeper into what they were happy or proud about within their work environment/job. I believe they expressed, out loud, for the first time something that they hadn’t realized about what they really wanted to do with their work. I cannot speak highly enough of Stefanie’s work with our group—you need to hear her to believe her.”Kerry F, Cisco

“Just wanted to say thank you. I enjoyed the [Taking Ownership of Your Career] session and it did hit a cord (something I would have probably been happy to ignore). I am one of those hard workers that want to be recognized/rewarded based on my peers/leaders observations, not by self promoting – so this [taking ownership of my career] is a very hard activity for me. While this was a very good approach when I was consulting, it does not work as an employee. If I am to be happy with my career as an employee, I guess I need to be more proactive.”  – Ken

“I attended the morning session of your “Taking Ownership of Your Career” presentation at Cisco (RTP) yesterday.  I very much enjoyed the collaborative session and found it inspiring.  Thank you very much for your insights”.   – Brian

“I wanted to thank you for giving me the excuse and energy this afternoon to pursue something I love.  I’ve already written four e-mails to expand my network and hopefully on my way to making a change!  It was also good to see someone who, as Covey would say, “Found their voice..”  You have any easy presence in the classroom that I’m sure will serve you well”.  – Bill

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“I have enjoyed Stefanie’s workshops tremendously (Embracing Your Possibilities and Overcoming Obstacles). I’ve had coaches in the past and find that what I really enjoy once I have a goal in mind is to attend workshops for inspiration, progress checks, and support. Stefanie is so genuinely interested in our success – she facilitates discussions with individual participants that benefit everyone. She creates a comfortable, open, safe environment to explore what you truly want and reasons that may be holding you back from already having it. She actually makes it look very easy, but never in a way that makes you feel “foolish” for not yet being where you want to be. She’s energetic with compassion, focused with a gentle manner. At the end of a workshop, I leave feeling inspired to continue making my life the life I want with something actionable to implement. I’d recommend Stefanie’s workshop to anyone seeking that extra something to help get them on the path to a life they’ll love”.  Brigitta Theleman, Raleigh, NC

“Attending two of Stefanie’s workshops was the new perspective I needed. I learned that the roadblocks to my “success” were built by me and that I had the ability, strength, and skills to remove the doubt that trapped me. With renewed enthusiasm, I imagined my success and within a month I had a new job that provides me the purpose that I had been looking for. Attending Stefanie’s workshops is one step forward to a promising future. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to clarify their vision, their future, whether it’s professional or personal.” Terri Rafalik, Raleigh, NC

“No matter where a participant of one of Stefanie’s workshops currently is on their life’s journey, she dives in and can be right there for you. I was amazed by her ability to be deeply involved with each individual, in a retreat-like, group experience. She challenges, encourages and transforms everyone in the class! I felt as if I had been turned upside down and she brought emotions and goals out of me that had been buried deep inside. It was an amazing process and not only do I anticipate meeting with her in the future, I have recommended her to clients and friends as well.”  K. Paulette Mitchell, Raleigh, NC

“There was always something that resonated or that was awakened within me during my participation in the Leaving Comfort for Possibility Program Teleclass.  Sometimes, during these calls, it was as great as an epiphany and other times it was very subtle yet powerful.  What I am taking away is the continued experience of growth and awareness and the sense of progress and empowerment that I received from this experience”.  Beth Downey, Cary, North Carolina

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