Workbook – The Journey From Comfort to Possibility

5 Steps to Gaining Clarity, Confidence & Direction in Your Life & Career

Discover your true self

Create your vision

Transform your life

Have you been in a rut lately? Maybe you are comfortable, but are realizing there has got to me more to life than this? Are you missing the passion, joy, fun, freedom and zest for life you once had (or would like to create)?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, this workbook may be just the thing to catapult you out of that rut and help you leap out of your comfort zone and regain your passion! Through a compilation of exercises, questions and action steps – you will be able to answer the questions:  Who am I?  What do I want in my career and life?  How do I get there?

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Do you like having a step by step process, helping you define your goals and learning how and where to take action?

This book takes you through a five part process where you will discover who you are, clarify your direction in life, get started on your path through exploration and action, learn why you stop your progress and how to get back on track, and create a plan to maintain the momentum you are building as you work toward achieving your intentions and goals.

Do you want to achieve more in your career and life but have a fear of the unknown, fear or failure or even success?

This book takes you through the challenge of fear and the other miriad of both internal and external factors that get in your way and offers exercises to help you work through these barriers. Becoming aware of what gets in your way helps you see what choices you can begin making today to immediately see results.

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Who am I and why did I write this book?

For 11 years I worked as a Career Counselor in a university setting helping my clients discover what mattered most to them, learn when they did their best work, what compelled them to action, what passions ignited them and what challenges kept them stuck. After launching my coaching business in 2005, offering these same services to my individual clients and through my workshops, I began compiling the best of what I learned and experienced into my own voice. I gathered and updated exercises I had created throughout the years and created thought provoking questions and actions to stretch you out of your comfort zone.

I originally created an 8 week teleclass program using this material – and from there, this book was born. Writing and publishing it was a stretch out of my own comfort zone, especially since I never considered myself much of a writer. However, with clients, colleagues and friends encouraging me to write it – and after discovering a self publishing company to create it, I decided to “go for it”!  Another reason for writing it? To develop a jumping off point for everyone I meet who is eager to lead a more exhilirating life.

Have you been wondering what it would be like to have personal attention in working with a life coach?

While not a substitute for one-on-one or group coaching, this workbook takes you through a process that I use with my one on one clients.  The exercises, questions and actions are all those that I have used with my clients during their own journey of personal transformation.

Why purchase this book?

If you have been saying “I really want to transform my life”, or “I am ready for more energy and joy in my life”, or “It would be great to know the direction I want my life to take”, or “I am ready to get out of my own way” – then you are ready to embark on your own Journey From Comfort to Possibility. A great first step is this workbook!

For less than 1/3 the cost of an hour of coaching, this workbook can jump start you on your self-propelled journey OR it can serve as a foundation for entering into a one-on-one coaching relationship, shaving off hours of time so when you are coached, you have a more specific focus and agenda.

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What are those who used it saying?

“After attending several of Stefanie’s workshops my sister Gwen and I decided to work with Stefanie and put her coaching skills to the test.  However, we wanted her all the time and all to ourselves. Finally, she gave us a true piece of herself, in which we could ask questions 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.  The creation is called “The Journey from Comfort to Possibility.”  In Stefanie’s workbook, I was able to take the journey of her first question being “Someday I will…?”, and by the end of the workbook, I was able to answer, “Someday is today.”  I learned that several of my goals were blocked by undefined focus.  After working with just this “piece” of Stefanie, I was able to bring my skills, ambitions, and strengths to the forefront and go after my goals with direct focus.  The one word that comes to mind when I think of Stefanie is accomplishment! We have accomplished so much by using this workbook!  We now have the tools that we need to reach our goals.”  Ira Thompson, Cary, NC

“This workbook helps you focus your thinking on what you want out of life and what changes you can make to achieve it.” Jodi Lawrence, California

“This workbook was refreshing. It gave me a good sense of what is like to have a Life Coach guide me and help me make successful changes in my life. Very encouraging” Mari Rodriguez, New York

“This book is for anyone who feels stuck in life or who wants to make big changes but are afraid to get started” Meri Raffetto, North Carolina

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Would you like to catapult your learning to a greater level?

If you do, then the Journey From Comfort to Possibility Program may be for you.  In this eight session program we will work through the Workbook together, focusing on helping you accelerate your learning and transformation.  To learn more about this Program, click here.

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