Seminars & Workshops for Groups & Organizations

Stefanie offers a variety of interactive professional and personal development programs in the Raleigh, NC/Triangle area and beyond.  She engages participants in stepping out of their comfort zones to achieve greater fulfillment, performance and success in their career and personal lives.

Programs are offered to:

  • Organizations who offer lunch and learn programs
  • Professional Association meetings
  • Civic and community groups
  • Social groups
Benefits and Learning Objectives

Professional Development:

  • Reclaimed passion for your career
  • Transformed attitudes about work
  • Greater sense of ownership of your own career
  • Tools to seize/seek opportunities instead of waiting for them to knock
  • Enhanced social and emotional intelligence including, communication, making connections and confidence

Personal Development: 

  • Revitalized passion for life and a renewed sense of self
  • Better clarity of direction and goals for your life/career
  • A vision for your ideal lifestyle and how to create it
  • Ideas for action to make positive changes in your life and career

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  • Live 60-90 minute interactive seminars – ideal for lunch and learn or professional association meetings
  • Three hour interactive workshops – ideal for organizational teams, social groups and professional organizations interested in deeper growth and development.  Participants complete exercises in the workshop and personal attention is given in a group coaching format.
  • 60-90 minute Teleclass – ideal for groups or organizations with participants in locations all over the state or country.


Each of the following topics can be customized based on your organizations needs and the results you are seeking. Custom programs can also be designed specifically to fit your needs.

Career Planning and Management

Take Ownership of Your Career

Are you satisfied with how you are progressing in your current job? Do you wake up every morning eager to start your day, excited about new possibilities waiting to be explored? If you cannot answer a resounding YES to the above questions, I invite you to discover how taking ownership of your own career will bring you greater satisfaction than you thought possible. Waiting for things to happen to you does not bring fulfillment in your career – making things happen for yourself does!

Get Noticed, Known and Connected

Are you often uncomfortable in situations where you must interact with people you don’t know? Are you longing to cultivate new relationships in your professional life? Is being connected to people important to you, but you just are not sure how to do it? Whether you are embarking on a career transition, are self-employed and need to market your services, or just want to cultivate relationships with colleagues, you will have to reach out to people. Relationships, whether personal or professional, develop over time and are based on trust. First impressions are also critical, as they determine whether you will have the opportunity to develop a stronger relationship. So how do you do it? This seminar will give you the steps.

Help! How Do I Get Along With My Boss?

Our relationship with our boss is in direct correlation to our satisfaction and success with our career and is the number one reason we want to escape our careers! You can change your experience with your boss! Whether you are reporting to someone new in your current job, recently started a new job, or were promoted to a new role and report to the same person, this seminar will help you explore how to shift and strengthen this critical relationship!

Is it Time for a Career Change?

The desire for career change is different for each of us. Career transitions can be made with long planned intention or can be accelerated through life circumstance. Wherever you are in your transition, this interactive seminar will cover questions that can help you make choices that are aligned with your wants, needs and values.

Career Change: Where Do I Start?

Career transitions can be made with long planned intention or can be accelerated through life circumstance. Wherever one is in their transition, this interactive seminar will cover questions that can help them make choices that are aligned with their wants, needs and values.   If those you serve/work with are thinking it’s time for a career change but not sure what direction to take or are in the middle of a career change and stalled because they don’t know what next steps to take, this workshop will get them going.

Career Change: Turn Your Ideas Into Action

Career Change is made up of many moving parts. We start out with some great ideas and get excited about them, then learn more or start on the path and suddenly we start doubting our direction. This is a normal reaction when turning an idea into reality. This interactive workshop will get one out of stagnation and into action!  In this workshop we cover how to think about strengths/skills in a career change and how to position oneself in the market to get noticed.

Career Change: Land The Opportunity

How credible and visible are you to your market?  Knowing your career direction is a the first step, translating that into a more focused, actionable plan to be marketable and find opportunities is the next step, getting others to know you exist and putting your best out there for others to see (and hire) is the critical final step!  Learn how and where to focus your job search so you get better results, gain clarity of how to create you job search plan so you stay motivated and on track, and more.

Career Fulfillment: How to Find It

How would you like more career satisfaction and fulfillment? Are you seeking greater fulfillment in your career (and life)?  Is something missing that you want – perhaps you are not using your strengths or not achieving what you thought you would be?  Or maybe it’s that you are not having the impact you would like to have? Yes, to satisfy some of our wants/needs you sometimes have to change careers.  However, you CAN have greater fulfillment right where you are!  Whether you are planning a career move or want to recapture the passion for your current job/career, this workshop will help you find greater fulfillment!

Grow Your Business and Your Self

Are you running your business from a place of familiarity…delivering the same service (s), the same way to the same people? Though your services may be exceptional, your methods proven and your clients loyal, are you fulfilled? Do you often hear yourself saying “someday I will… provide new services, try new methods, and attract new customers or clients”? Are you secretly (or not so secretly) hoping for more excitement and energy in your business, and your life? This interactive seminar will get you thinking and taking action on some of these critical questions.

Personal & Professional Development

Inspired to Action – Achieve Your Big Goals

Do you have a specific vision and goals for your life? Are you frustrated that you are not getting closer to achieving them?  We all want to move forward in our lives, to achieve, succeed and find that sometimes elusive happiness”. Yet often we feel stalled in our progress, standing still instead of taking action. This workshop will show you a process that will help you get moving again!

Build Your Confidence

When surveying my readership and workshop attendees on what they most want in their lives, an overwhelming number talked about greater confidence. That lead me to thinking about the role confidence plays in our quest for a better life and the way we can all enhance ours. I believe we all have it within us to be incredibly confident. It is right there, sometimes just under the surface, sometimes deeper below – waiting to show itself to the world. This seminar will take you through the steps you can take to begin to discover, build and strengthen yours.

How to Be Happy

We all want happiness, passion and fulfillment in our lives and careers. I believe it is there already, just under the surface of our awareness. In this interactive seminar, you will scratch that surface and catch glimpses of what happiness and passion means to you. You will learn where and how to dig deeper to uncover the ingredients that when combined, help you to create an environment that brings happiness to your life and work.

Create the Life You Want

Are you satisfied with your life? Are you living the life you imagined you would be living? If you answered no, it’s time to create the life you want! Imagine what it would be like if you were living a life that you loved, one that you envisioned then designed? Many people lead their lives from a safe, familiar, comfortable place. Their lives are good, but they are secretly wishing they could be more, do more, and experience more. They are eager to step over the threshold of comfort and out the door, yet not quite sure how to do it, or where to go once they are “out there”. This seminar will take you through the steps to create the life you want.

How Your Choices Change Your Life

In this age of many options, more than ever we are faced with daily decisions, choices and commitments (both large and small) that influence our lives and shape the direction we are moving in. This can quickly lead to overwhelm – and often no action at all. It is still a choice, however, not to choose and just leave things the way they are. This seminar will help you learn how to make the important choices.

Go for it! Life is too Short to Let Fear Stop You

Have you found yourself wanting more in life, but fear is holding you back? Change, and stretching out of your comfort zone, is scary. Why? Because it means stepping away from the familiarly and safety of what is known. We know fear us lurking when we hear ourselves say “I could do x, but what if…” or in response to a suggestion from another we say “Yes, I could …. but…” The challenge is to have the courage to move forward, through the fear, to grow. This seminar will help you discover how to move past your fear and experience more of life!

Strategies for Staying Positive and Focused in Challenging Times

We all face challenges in our lives. In challenging times it is often a challenge itself to stay energetic, focused and feeling good about your work and life. This presentation will offer you strategies to do just that. Despite the challenges you may be facing, you still have more choices than you may currently believe!


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