Coaching With Stefanie: Success Stories

“I am so glad I’ve connected with Stefanie for personal and career coaching. She has helped me evaluate my career path through several changes and keeps great notes of my progress so we can maximize our time when we talk. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions, but she is also warm and encouraging. She helps people focus on their strengths to achieve their goals. She is always thoughtful and professional. I highly recommend Stefanie!” Allison Tolksdorf, Benson, NC

“I was here in my kitchen having a cup of coffe and reflecting on how much you impacted my life while helping me decide on a pathway! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Since then I often reflect on your ability to help me organize my thoughts and put them all into perspective, its strange that I can help others do that but can’t seem to help myself in that area. It amazed me how you were able to understand my personality and thought patterns in order to identify some of the things that were holding me back. My life has changed a lot, I have seen improvement in my relationships, made new friends and honestly for the first time in my life I can say I love what I am doing!!!”  Nikki, Clayton, NC

“Compared to where I was two months ago, I’m definitely noticing changes with how I’m approaching my life and professional interests.  The networking process, for me, is still a slow skill I’m starting to learn, but thanks to your insight and experience, I’ve been able to take effective strategies away from my sessions”.  Ryan Torino, Washington D.C.

“When I came to Stefanie, I had just graduated with my undergraduate degree in my late 40’s. I was entering into the job market for the first time in four years and felt I had lost my competitive edge. My confidence was at an all time low and I was discouraged.   Every Monday I would spend half a day applying to dozens of jobs on line. Some months I would get interviews and other months I would be the top contender for the position, but I was NOT landing the jobs. Concerned, I realized I needed a fresh approach restarting my career. I turned to Stefanie for help. I loved her background and experience, and identified with her career change. We began a series of sessions that impacted me not only as a person, but as a professional as well. Stefanie assessed me and worked with me to come up with goals & solutions that combined my best strengths, personality attributes, natural gifts and talents. She asked strategic questions and mentored me to apply myself in areas I was fearful of. We worked together to build up my strengths and experience to make an action oriented resume, cover letter and LinkedIn account that I was quite proud of. She gave me homework to come up with strong selling statements for networking events, and we role played how to respond to tough interview questions and come well prepared. Her genuine enthusiasm, energy and positive reinforcement highly motivated me each and every time we met. I not only looked forward to our meetings, but hated to see them end. Not only did I start getting more interviews, but I started to feel my confidence come back as she encouraged me and helped me figure out next steps for follow up.   With our hard work and careful strategy, I landed a job that could easily become my dream position. I sold myself in person and knew exactly how to go into a tough interview with several people drilling me. I learned to show confidence and applied examples from my experience that was applicable. I would highly recommend Stefanie’s coaching to anyone experiencing struggles in the job market or just restarting a career change!”  Michele Phillips, Raleigh NC

“A big shout out to Stefanie Zizzo who has been my life coach for over a year and a half. She has guided me through many fears & dreams! A dream soon to come true is that I  Just submitted my final paperwork for my National Continuation Education Provider for Massage Therapy. Soon I can teach class anywhere! I should get my certification by August! ”  Michele Casey, NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist,

“I’ve been accepted to the graduate program I wanted!  I’m also taking an Audio Documentary class at the Center for Documentary Studies. Both are a result of the career work you helped me with. If only I’d done this 10 years ago!”  Elizabeth, Hillsborough, NC

“I GOT THE JOB!!  Thank you so much for your help/guidance through this process. When I first attended your workshop in October, I felt as if I would be stuck in my current position for the long haul. Your workshop, workbook, and coaching reminded me of my skills as an employee, reconnected me to my passion/interests/impact, and gave me the courage to make this major leap. I cannot thank you enough.”  Erica, Raleigh NC

“I’m so glad that I worked with you.  I truly believe you helped me pinpoint what I was looking for in a career.  From brainstorming ideas, to reworking my resume, to advice on networking, your guidance helped me recognize opportunities and find a job I love. Thank you so much.” Amy Southerland, Cary, NC

“I have needed your help along this journey.  That is for sure.  However, I did have some doubts in the beginning. You did such a good job of showing me to my destination and erased all doubts of any reason why hiring you would not be needed”  Jason Foster, Durham, NC

“Thank you for all your assistance in helping me get my life back on track. I am happier and healthier than I have been in years!!! My mind is clear, I have found my energy, and I no longer feel weighed down by the world. When problems arise, as they always do, I can now manage the issue rather than avoiding it. Thank you again–you really helped me change my life!!!”  Cynthia, Cary NC

“Stefanie Zizzo helped guide me as I made some difficult business decisions. Her influence helped me stay on task and accountable to the deadlines I faced. Her work helped me see how my values aligned with my decision and gave me invaluable reassurance in the outcome. Not only was the process organized and successful, but the level of care I received throughout was incredibly heart-warming. I highly recommend her as a Career Coach!”  Barbara, Raleigh, NC

“After graduating college I struggled to find a job that I found personally rewarding, and could turn into a lifelong career.  I bounced around from job to job always hoping the next one would be that “perfect fit”, but sadly never finding it.  That’s when I came across the services of Stefanie Zizzo (A.K.A Professional Life Saver!)  Stefanie was able to help me realize my true talents and passions.  Based on those two elements, together we figured out and developed my personalized roadmap for success.  Stefanie truly wanted to see me succeed, and gave me the tools I needed to do so.  I have now found that “perfect fit” and am working in an industry that I truly enjoy and developing it into a rewarding career.  Stefanie truly has a passion for what she does and it is because of her I am finally where I’ve always wanted to be.”  Michael R. Schneider – Raleigh, North Carolina

“Just wanted to say thanks for your help and continued support through your coaching as well as your articles and ideas.  I am approaching my last day here at work and will soon be flying down to St Thomas to begin my nursing program.  It feels so good to have a clear idea of where I want to be and what I want to do, but most importantly, the confidence to actually do it.  Thanks for working with me on it”  Alex from Raleigh NC

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“I contacted Stefanie Zizzo when I was struggling to figure out how to seek a role in my desired field of health promotion and wellness. I hoped that she could help me revamp my resume – she did that and so much more! Stefanie helped me realize that I have a great deal of wellness experience, even though I have not had a paid role in the field. She helped me recognize and renew my passion for championing health and wellness. More importantly, Stefanie helped me build the confidence I need to pursue my passion. I am so thankful I worked with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach to help guide them on a similar journey.”  Janice Horner, Raleigh NC

“Stefanie Zizzo has helped me to gain confidence in myself and not be afraid of taking the next step. She is highly experienced in her field and brings a sense of hope in everything she does. Stefanie reminds you that the possibilities are endless and to always be true to yourself.”  Keri, New York

“Imagine a train moving down the track. Full of steam, full of ideas, and full of working parts, but the problem is that train doesn’t have a destination. That was my life. Stefanie Zizzo is a great conductor who helps you slow down that train, allows you to explore your individual railroad cars, and helps you select a track to travel. There are many stops along the way and the track can get bumpy during your journey, but you have to believe that the ticket you were given when you entered this world has a destination. Thanks Stefanie.”  Brad Matthews, Raleigh, NC

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“I would like to thank you for all your support and kindness over the last 6 months. I really have found the best coach and a perfect match coach in you. I feel I have got my life and my dreams back and just as importantly, have gained such valuable tools and insights which help me daily and which I look forward to develop further in our future work.”  Anne Marie, Buckinghamshire, England

“Stefanie Zizzo has worked with me as my life/career coach for over a year. Stefanie’s holistic approach as a coach has helped me tackle a wide range of personal and professional issues, including transitioning my career, caring for elderly relatives, communicating my needs more effectively to those around me (including clients and spouse), and initiating more self-care. Stefanie strikes a great balance between supporting you where you are in your life while exhorting you to continue reaching for the changes you are trying to bring about. Her many strengths include: being a great listener, recommending superb outside resources, and being unfailingly positive and empathetic. Stefanie gives 100% during each of our coaching sessions. I recommend her most highly. Everyone would benefit from having a coach if they work with one as well-qualified and professional as Stefanie!”  Elizabeth, Raleigh, NC

“Two years ago when I was facing an overwhelming fear of change, I consulted Stefanie Zizzo and immediately learned steps I could take to the ease the process. After a life of feeling guilty for saying “No” I learned to say it with confidence and conviction. She has helped me to facilitate others finding their own solutions, as opposed to being their solution. As a result, I have more time to focus on my own growth. Stefanie has helped me to change my life and I will continue seeking her support and guidance as I maintain my commitment to change.”   Catherine Oki, Japan

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“Stefanie Zizzo is wonderfully insightful, caring and kind.   I felt like she was a cheerleader and really wanted to see me win!  I’m thankful for her objective feedback and tools to help me navigate through life!  It was a pleasure working with her.” Michele L., Raleigh, NC

“I am so glad that I made the leap and selected Stefanie Zizzo for my Life Coach. When I first contacted Stefanie, I was exhausted, frustrated, demoralized … and felt stuck in a job that I hated but paid so well, I thought I couldn’t leave. Stefanie was able to quickly help me identify my strengths and goals – and then help me put into action a plan to rebalance my life and find peace and happiness. Stefanie has insight, clarity of thought and common sense (which isn’t so common) that allowed her to ask me questions that would help me to understand myself better. I discovered barriers that I had put up for myself and took steps toward a healthier me. I now have a job that I love and meets my financial needs … and my relationships with my husband, family and friends are strong, relaxed and happier than I can remember.  If you choose to have Stefanie coach you, you must be ready to be honest and open with her and with yourself – and you must be willing to take sometimes scary steps toward the future you wish to create. It’s a journey worth taking – especially with someone as supportive and wise as Stefanie.”  Cheryl Z, Florida

“I had worked in highly stressful sales jobs in NY for over 25 years…My husband and I decided to relocate to NC for a better way of life. I continued to work for my NY based company for 10 months and then decided it was too much. I had read about Stefanie Zizzo in a local magazine, and decided to give her a call, and myself a gift…lifecoaching sessions… From the minute I started speaking with Stefanie, I realized  I had done the right thing for myself. ..She enabled me to see that I had just gone thru many big changes in my life and that I needed to begin to BREATHE..something I hadn’t really done since moving NC a year ago….Stefanie was able to “hold my hand” and focus my thinking throughout the entire process …we were also able to have a few laughs along the way!” Irene Kesselman, Cary, NC

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“When I started working with Stefanie Zizzo I didn’t fully understand what coaching was, but I felt energized and inspired after talking with her. In my search to find a fulfilling career, Stefanie was the champion who helped me realize my beliefs, values and vision, and challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. While I did not change careers, I learned to appreciate the wonderful things my current career has provided me. More importantly, Stefanie helped to reinvigorate my self confidence and awareness that I have the ability to shape the outcome.” Romina DeNicola, Brooklyn, New York

“Stefanie has been an absolute godsend. She helped to unearth my core beliefs and values in the midst of a career change and worked with me to clarify the best vocational pathways. I held fast through the first three job offers that came, and recognized the fourth –and best — opportunity as the path I had to follow. I would strongly recommend Stefanie to anybody who wants to integrate their home and work lives in a way that’s most pleasurable.” Mike McCauley, Bangor, ME

“Stefanie helps me stay on track with my journey. When I have a doubt in taking a step, she challenges and encourages me to be true to myself. Stefanie is very experienced in her field and brings that knowledge to our sessions. I feel energized and inspired after speaking to her. As I reach for my goal, Stefanie reminds me enjoy the scenery of my path”.   Alexandra Sanchez, New York

“Stefanie has been enormously helpful to me on many different levels.  She is fantastic at asking probing questions to help clarify my thoughts and feelings and remind myself of what is important to me.  She keeps me on track and provides direction when I’m not sure what I should do or should be doing.  Since I have been working with her, I feel much more confident about my decisions and much less anxiety about making changes.  She has been a great partner to help me with such an important journey”.   Dan Burger, California

“During one of the most challenging times in my life, Stefanie helped me gain clarity over my situation and take positive steps toward change – she is truly a positive motivator.”  Wyonnie Flaherty, New York

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